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« Un livre est une fenêtre par laquelle on s'évade. »

- Julien Green

They would never do that to you!

Michèle Paul

ISBN: 978-2-9815675-1-2

Format : 5.5 x 8.5 pouces

Auteur Michèle Paul
Nombre de page: 162 mixte (couleur et NB)
 *Pour vous procurer la version française du livre: «Y't'front jamais ça!»Cliquez sur le lien suivant
My story is one of my pains following my husband’s death but is also a revelation of his long hidden past. It is a revelation of my life’s long secrets which concludes sadly after 47 years of struggles and it is a story which has been too short in its nicest parts. It also is a story of children suffering from such unfairness but is still really a great romance worth reading. 
This touching story of my book has so well been appreciated that I had requests for an English version. I translated it convinced readers will appreciate and will be absorbed in it as much as those who have already experienced reading the French version.
À propos de l'auteur
Michèle Paul born in 1949 was fourth of her family, a family which came to count up to eleven children. She has lived in the 1960s the moral stigma attached to the unwed mother which is now of the past but, as will reveal her story, still leaves out of moral rights her children. She has since lived as a single mother, a grandmother and now as a great-grandmother, being now a widow in too deep sorrows for which you will fi nd the touching cause.

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